Escape to your own space...

Every household can get a bit hectic at times. There can be clutter, noise, a lack of space, no storage….the list goes on. A garden room, a shed or a mix of both from SHEDSCAPE is the ideal solution for you.

What do you need your garden building to do to make your life easier?


Working from home could become a joy. Enjoy a separate tranquil space away from your home just a few seconds walk away.


Clear the clutter from your home

Remove bulky and infrequently used items to the warm and dry storage area in your new building, freeing up your home and allowing you to live again.


What will you use your Garden Building for ??

Our Garden Buildings are built to a high specification and therefore are warm dry spaces (better than your main house in many cases). This allows them to be used for any number of applications and configurations.

What will you use your extra room for ??

Work from home office                    Home studio

Kids play room                                 Shed

Hobby workshop                             Yoga room

Pool room                                         Man Cave

The list is endless……………

your space


Design & Quote

Use our easy ONLINE quote generator to choose your building size, amount of windows/doors, finishes etc.

Agree & Sign off

We agree and sign off on the details of your new building.

We Build ..You Enjoy

After our short build process you will enjoy the additional space.

Say goodbye to clutter

Use our easy ONLINE quote generator to see how your life can change.